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DesktopEpics started in the earliest years of the internet: before YouTube. Long before Facebook—with one animated short (“The N Word”) that ultimately broke the website. The term for that in the year 2000: “too many frequent visitors superseding allocated data rates.”

They call it viral these days.

Many smaller projects later, the next evolution of DesktopEpics has arrived just in time.

The world can use…

Stories You Can Feel.

Predawn Production

Principal Photography
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Credits Page

The reasons behind the credits page during the development of the short are two-fold. Maybe even three-fold. Four-fold? Helps ensure proper credit placement of the cast and crew associated with the short properly. Continues with the tradition of transparent production. Wonderful early SEO practices for future searching for the movie AND the cast and crew...

Audition Day: Part Two -This is the Job

The second and last round of auditions is today. The secret sauce to my auditions, at least for me and this size of the project, isn’t how much the person can act. I’m looking for compatibility. Compatibility in the character. Compatibility in communication. Weeding out the folks who automatically ‘have a problem’. You know the..

Audition Day: Part 1

It’s Saturday, January 14th, 2023. Audition day part one!  Virtually over at Truthfully, very nervous and I really hope I can complement the professionalism, hard work, and talents of those coming through to discuss the characters and the script. The people selected are extremely talented based on their reels and submitted pre-screens. I have..

The Fine Art of Gratitude

To understand where I’m coming from, where I’ve been, and where I am going, I have to start this with two brief true stories: A car was gifted to my son because he needed it to get between home, his university, and his job. Over a short period of time, I’ve noticed he was getting..

In Production

Special Effects

All the practical and visual effects for the short film Predawn are produced in-house.


Predawn is shooting in Covington, GA. Home of many, MANY previous and future major motion picture productions.


film@desktopepics.comCovington, GA

DesktopEpics Entertainment © 2023 All Rights Reserved

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