The Social Challenge

The Social Challenge


Lucas, a man in his late 20s deep in debt, sees a viral TikTok challenge offering $675K to anyone who can survive a night locked in a basement with a mysterious entity. Enticed by the money, Lucas contacts his friend Marcus who refers him to the challenge. Lucas arrives at the house of Rachel, a young girl who runs the competition. Though skeptical at first, Lucas signs waivers and pays a $1K entry fee after seeing Rachel's bag of prize money. Rachel leads Lucas to the basement, which contains an old coffin and chair inside a chalk outline. Despite foul smells and seeing blood, Lucas is determined to win and sits in the chair as Rachel closes the door, beginning the challenge.

Alone in the dark basement, Lucas starts questioning if he made the right choice. Strange sounds and an eerie laugh echo through the room. A dark figure, Mieszko, emerges from the coffin, chained around the neck. Mieszko taunts Lucas and tries attacking him but is stopped by the chalk outline which he cannot cross. Though shaken, Lucas withstands the attacks, focused on winning the money which he desperately needs. As daylight creeps into the small basement window, Lucas realizes the sun may be his key to survival.

In the morning light, Rachel opens the door, shocked to find Lucas alive. Beaten and bloodied, Lucas succeeded in surviving the night and is declared the winner. As Rachel explains, Mieszko is a dangerous creature her family has kept captive for years to run this lucrative challenge. Lucas leaves with the prize money but is now burdened with having to refer others to the challenge per his agreement, as more victims ensure Mieszko remains imprisoned. The weakened, crumbling wall chains suggest Mieszko may someday break free and come seeking revenge against Lucas and Rachel.

  • Logline: A desperate man enters an online challenge offering a large cash prize if he can survive a night trapped in a room with a dangerous creature, only to realize the dark truth behind the viral competition.


    • Greed and desperation driving dangerous decisions
    • The viral nature of online challenges propagating dark enterprises
    • Seemingly good fortune having sinister strings attached
    • Playing games with forces beyond one's understanding


    • Suspenseful, tense
    • Foreboding, ominous
    • Morally complex dilemmas

    Format: Thriller with elements of the supernatural and horror genres. Gripping cat and mouse conflict.

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