• Logline: A retired military couple buys their dream home in the country, only to discover several undead creatures frozen in time in the surrounding forest that seem to be slowly advancing toward their property over a 2-year period.


    The film mixes several popular genres - zombie horror, haunted house thrills, and military action, all told through the gripping perspective of an appealing African American family trying to protect their home. There is plenty of space for creepy atmosphere, chilling zombie frights, bombastic gun battles, and emotional family bonds anchoring the story.

    The first two acts focus mostly on the mystery unfolding and efforts to understand the paranormal threat on this supposedly idyllic country property they had hoped to make their haven. The final act delivers on the payoff hinted throughout, as the family and friends make their stand against a small horde of menacing undead monstrosities descending upon them, culminating in an explosive "last stand" siege finale.

    Predawn incorporates elements of humor and heart throughout the family's ordeal to balance out the horror. Ned serves as comedic relief with his over-the-top homeland security measures. The friendship and camaraderie between Reggie, Henry and Ned adds levity and fun. Reggie's dedication to protecting his wife and daughter gives the story an emotional foundation. Overall the film aims to provide thrilling escapist entertainment for wide audiences.

  • Release Dates
  • Languages
  • Countries
  • Filming Locations
    • Covington, Georgia
  • Filming Dates
    • May 20, 2023 - May 24, 2023
  • Runtime
    0 hour 33 minute
  • Runtimes (By Versions)
    • 0 hour 33 minute
  • Aspect Ratio
    • 16:9
  • Camera
    • Blackmagic Cinema Pocket 4K
    • Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max
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