Trailer for Gripping Suspenseful Horror Comedy “Predawn” Unveils a World at the Start of a Zombie Armageddon

Exciting Short Film Trailer Kicks off 2023-2024 Film Festival Submission Season


Covington, GA – 7/16/2023 – DesktopEpics Entertainment is thrilled to release the highly-anticipated trailer for their upcoming short film, “Predawn.” Directed by Angie Lynch and Corey A. Burkes, the film promises to captivate audiences with its suspenseful storyline, talented cast, and innovative storytelling. The release of the trailer marks an exciting step forward as “Predawn” gears up for the film festival circuit, aiming to secure its place among the fan favorite festivals of 2023 and 2024.

In “Predawn,” a family of new homeowners’ stumbles upon a series of mysterious creatures in the forest that borders their backyard. The discovery triggers a desperate search for answers, leading them to rally their closest friends to unravel the enigma that may herald the onset of an apocalyptic siege. As tension mounts, the group must confront their deepest fears and confront the unknown forces threatening their home—and soon the world.

Co-directed by Angie Lynch and Corey A. Burkes, “Predawn” showcases the remarkable talents of its cast and crew. The screenplay, penned by Corey A. Burkes, delves into unexplored territories, promising a fresh and innovative take on the horror-comedy-zombie genre. The film features an ensemble cast, including Diron Jones, Ashley Johnson, Wynter J. Davis, Po Yen, Josh Schaffrin, Vasudha Krishnamoorthy, Gray Campbell, Madison Geiger, Izzy Miller, Kaycee Fillbright, Joshua Alford, and Judith Aaron, with each actor delivering outstanding performances that amplify the film’s intensity and humor.

The production team behind “Predawn” is nothing short of exceptional. Produced by Karen Surgeon-Bennett, Troy R. Dowden, and Paul J. Haberman, the film boasts a talented crew including music composer Liam Bradbury, sound supervisor Jarid Coronado, film colorist Jefferson Rosa, production assistants Brianna “The Brave Cat” Spires and Russell Burkes, production photographers Iris Faction Media and Theresa Matos, makeup artist Antalya Suazo, wardrobe stylist Sariya Anne Burkes, casting services provided by Backstage, computer graphic artist Javanshir Shukurov, drone aerial videography by KIG Films, and additional music by Mackster. Notably, “Predawn” incorporates video game footage by Tiffany Burkes and special guest for the For Your Consideration presentation, Stacey Dori.

With post-production well underway, “Predawn” promises a unique and captivating cinematic experience for an independent short film. The film showcases the remarkable chemistry between the actors, immersing the audience. Each character’s journey intertwines seamlessly, resulting in a truly compelling narrative that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats an.

“Predawn” is produced by DesktopEpics Entertainment, a trailblazing force in the world of independent filmmaking. The company consistently strives to push boundaries, challenging traditional storytelling norms and captivating audiences with their thought-provoking and visually stunning creations.

For more information about “Predawn” or to schedule an interview with the directors or cast members, please visit predawn.desktopepics.com or contact the film’s official email at film@desktopepics.com. You may also reach out to Corey Burkes at 678-658-0662.

About DesktopEpics Entertainment

DesktopEpics Entertainment is an innovative independent motion picture company dedicated to creating captivating stories that challenge conventions and inspire audiences. Committed to nurturing emerging talent and embracing diverse voices, DesktopEpics Entertainment continues to make its mark in the world of independent filmmaking. For more information, visit DesktopEpics.com



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