[Predawn] “What’s Going on at DesktopEpics Lately?”

[Predawn] “What’s Going on at DesktopEpics Lately?”

Tokyo International Short Film Festival

A lot is going on. Most of it hard to keep up. These are the things I am clearly aware of…

  • Every festival is our first!
  • On that, we are always on thankful and grateful for every opportunity. We are keenly aware these great festivals could have rejected us.
  • Personally, I have more years of understanding rejection than I do being accepted — these days are unusual for me.

Winning “Best Trailer” at the New York Tri-State International Film Festival also marked a turning point. Never a person who played sports or did exceptionally well in school, I have zero awards and trophies in my closet or on my shelves. But today, for the one thing I have a passion for (storytelling), after fifty-five years of life, I have my very first award.

I popped open a bottle of Sprite that I have been saving for this day to celebrate (I don’t drink anything harder). Unfortunately, I don’t recommend saving and drinking old bottles of Sprite since 1977.  Currently on way to the hospital to get my stomach pumped. But please…continue the celebration! Reach out to the cast and crew and congratulate them!

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