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Atlanta Call Sheet is a podcast originally developed for the marketing and promotional of the short film ‘Predawn’. 30-minute episodes feature interviews with the cast and crew — all about your career. The first episodes will release starting May 1st, twice a week.

Interview recording availability dates are between April 1st and April 23rd, Monday through Saturday between 6 pm and up to 10 pm. Sundays are from 12 noon up to 10 pm. Please use the scheduler below to submit your availability. Only 30 minutes of your time is necessary. Pre-written questions will be sent to you AFTER your selected time is confirmed along with a Zoom invite for the confirmed time and date. All interviews are audio only.

Please note: You *might* select a date and time that conflicts with another person. This booking system seems to fail to block conflicting schedules. Once I receive your selected schedule, it will either be APPROVED or I’ll be emailing you to select another date.

Please select only a date between April 1st and April 23rd. Any other dates will be rejected.

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