[Updated: January 12, 2024] What an EXCITING year! The spreadsheet has been updated to only list the festivals we DID enter, the ones that were officially selected, and the ones that rejected us.

Parameters: Predawn can be submitted to festivals that consider short films up to 40 minutes or less. Most festivals consider a featurette/feature to be 40 minutes or more. Predawn is 33 minutes, qualifying it for some festivals as a feature. The Social Challenge is still being edited as of this date but is expected to be submitted to film festivals in another month or less.

What have I learned: I was right. Submit to them ALL. Don’t listen to the idiots online telling you “Don’t submit to this or that.” We were rejected by Sundance, but what if we weren’t? There is an education only you and your film will learn by submitting to all film festivals that could accept you and help shape your understanding of the festival circuit. Yes, getting rejected doesn’t feel great, but building a thick skin and losing a $70 entry fee isn’t a bad thing. If you have goals to get into a specific festival, it should position you to tweak and develop in that direction.

On the other hand… I do NOT encourage you to produce your film JUST for a film festival. Clearly, Sundance and many of the huge festivals have a specific ‘type’ of film that no longer is independent anymore.

Produce your art because you are compelled, and then let the audience figure it out.

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