DesktopEpics 2024 – “Get On Your Mark …”

DesktopEpics 2024 – “Get On Your Mark …”

2023 was an exciting year and very educational. Very very — educational.

Somehow, we got away with shooting two films, publish a paperback related to one of those films and started pre-production for an 8-part audio drama next summer. Along the way, I’ve come across really great people. Really not so great people and learned I set the tone day one no matter what I’m doing.

Everything we did in 2023 set us up for back to back recognition throughout 2024 and then some. I mean, I set the goals like I usually do. I have loads of goals. Not that any of them usually come to fruition.

But Predawn is, actually causing me to take a step back and say… “Huh? What?”

We have been honored by being accepted to the Maryland Black Film Festival and the New York Tri-State Film Festival. We were also selected for the Queens Underground International Film Festival but that official laurel hasn’t been sent yet. Three Film Festivals. I’m speechless about it and still not properly wrapping my head around being accepted anywhere. That sort of thing, until recently, doesn’t commonly happen in my world space. I have no trophies. Never won anything in my life. Well, maybe a couple of bucks at the casino here and there.

Now, I’m focused on ‘what to do when we get to a festival’. How do we support the film and the festival in equal harmony. How do we do things I’ve only read about in articles about OTHER people’s films. These are exciting times.

The Social Challenge is in the can, as they say. I’ve been editing slowly because of multitasking the DesktopEpics Slate, lol. The little bit I have looks great and I can’t wait to get that into the festival circuit. Ideally, I want a rough draft finished before we start recording Self-Rising Flower.

What I’m trying to do next is make sure everything we do in 2024 is promoted along the way in a handshaking manner. About the only thing scheduled to be produced in 2024 will be “Self-Rising Flower” and since there is a Patreon/Sponsorship end to it, much of the first six months is promoting toward some goals. In itself, the story is incredibly heartwarming and, if I say so myself, inspiring. It’s wrapped with an outer layer of documentary-style tales of real small business eateries and their stories to rise above adversity.

It brings me back to my ‘audio theater’ roots but differently. Audio dramas are still trying to push just science fiction and fantasy as if its the ONLY way to tell an audio story; forgetting the rich history of the original soap operas. Soap operas are still huge on TV. Telenovelas are big internationally on TV. People still like dramas and, in the bigger scheme of things, this is easy to do. Plus, the world of podcasting has an infrastructure that better supports my ideas than when I first started out: just a website and a link to listen.

A few friends asked what would be the next ‘film’ project. I think I got the process down excellently. I’m no longer fearful of ‘how am I going to pull a film off’. The execution of producing a film is encoded deeply into my psyche. Maybe my methods can be considered ‘too focused’. But I have two films —- you can’t tell me shit (smile).

After the audio drama, if the money and availability is right, it will definitely be an anthology of short stories to make one large feature film. When I sat back thinking about it last year, I had enough short film concepts to put them together for a good show. That’s the only other film(s) I see DesktopEpics working on after summer 2024.

But anything could happen. Plenty of other film festivals coming up. DesktopEpics is suddenly, slowly, becoming a part of some sort of conversation out there.

The directive has not changed: Keep telling stories you can feel.

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