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February 3, 2023 Credits Page

The reasons behind the credits page during the development of the short are two-fold. Maybe even three-fold. Four-fold?

  • Helps ensure proper credit placement of the cast and crew associated with the short properly.
  • Continues with the tradition of transparent production.
  • Wonderful early SEO practices for future searching for the movie AND the cast and crew.
  • A subtle practice of self-fulfilling and manifesting. “Well, he has a credits page. The film is done.”

And it will be. As of February 3rd, no snags. No interruptions. No issues. Everything is on schedule.

This month is a bunch of effects tests both practical and digital.

Also attending an actor’s class one of these weekends soon. It’s about understanding actors’ processes better to direct them better. More on that after I go to the class. Most of them have a free class you can attend to audit. I’m seriously thinking of paying for a month (like in March) to dig in an properly study.

I’m setting the bar for what I expect out of future projects I work on: planned, peaceful, and measured.

From what I know of the industry, that won’t last long. 🙂

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