Madison Geiger

Madison Geiger

“Madison Geiger is an American/Colombian Actress from Middletown, New York. Madison moved to South Carolina at the age of five. She decided to pursue an acting career at the young age of eight. She has played a variety of roles in movies from horror and comedy, to fun family films. She continues her acting classes weekly so she can grow as an actor for the various roles she plays. When Madison isn’t working she loves to swim, roller skate, and ride her bike. She plays softball when she can and loves her video games with friends. Madison puts her heart into her work. She takes good direction, and most of all she loves what she does.”

– Matos Management

“Madison is a lovely actress, model, and voiceover artist. She is a skilled runway and print model who carries herself very well. Madison possesses a solid work ethic, is committed to accomplishing high-standard performance in every undertaking, and is always willing to listen and learn from her peers.”

– 800 Casting

Read Madison’s full 800 Casting Article here!

Madison Geiger

Matos Management
Theresa Matos
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