Film Festival Spreadsheet

[Updated: January 8th, 2023] As Predawn gears up toward production in summer 2023, the eye is already on the goal of submitting to the plentiful film festivals with deadlines as early as June 2023 and forward. Intended festivals will be listed here, confirmed submissions, accepted and those that declined us. Full transparency.

This spreadsheet is patterned after the awesome film festival database by Michael Forstein. Please note, the film festival database stopped being updated around 2020.

Parameters: Predawn can only be submitted to festivals that consider short films up to 45 minutes or less, with deadlines after July 1st, 2023 (God willing the edit goes smoothly). The intention is to submit to as many as possible between Mid-2023 and straight into 2024 deadlines. This is a constantly updating spreadsheet as data is updated throughout the year.

An interesting consideration: A festival that considers a film over 39 minutes is eligible for a feature entry at some festivals. Technically, Predawn’s length could be considered a featurette. At some festivals, a feature.

Festivals Entered
Festivals Accepted
Festivals Rejected

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