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DesktopEpics started in the earliest years of the internet: before YouTube. Long before Facebook—with one animated short (“The N Word”) that ultimately broke the website. The term for that in the year 2000: “too many frequent visitors superseding allocated data rates.”

They call it viral these days.

Many smaller projects later, the next evolution of DesktopEpics has arrived just in time.

The world can use…

Stories You Can Feel.

Predawn Production

Principal Photography

July 2023 – Trailer for Gripping Suspenseful Horror Comedy “Predawn” Unveils a World at the Start of a Zombie Armageddon

April 2023 – DesktopEpics Entertainment Announces Advanced Pre-Production of the Horror-Comedy Short Film Predawn

Company Blog

A Filmmaking Journey: From Challenges to Sundance Submission

It’s been a while since I last penned my thoughts. The journey of creating “Predawn,” a 34-minute horror-comedy, has been transformative. While initially envisioned as a horror, it leans more towards a suspenseful comedy. The Evolution of “Predawn” The editing process has been a whirlwind of fluent changes. The script of “Predawn” has evolved since..

5 Days in May: Predawn Production Wraps

Embarking on the filmmaking journey of ‘Predawn’ has been an experience like no other. Set against the picturesque backdrop of Covington, GA, this project wasn’t just about creating a film; it was a voyage of discovery, teamwork, and serendipitous moments. As I sit down to share this tale, I find myself reflecting on the myriad..

Interview on The Atlanta Call Sheet

A really great interview on The Atlanta Call Sheet. You can read it here.

A Short Film on Track

Two months to go. Principal photography is scheduled for Saturday, May 20th to Wednesday, May 24th. We’re having a table read Saturday, April 29th. As of this day/date, everything is moving exactly as earlier planned from last year July 2022 through December 2022. That includes financing. Frankly, I’m shocked. Though not looking to jinx anything,..

In Production

Special Effects

All the practical and visual effects for the short film Predawn are produced in-house.


Predawn is shooting in Covington, GA. Home of many, MANY previous and future major motion picture productions.


film@desktopepics.comCovington, GA

DesktopEpics Entertainment © 2023 All Rights Reserved

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