Audition Day: Part 1

January 14, 2023 Audition Day: Part 1

It’s Saturday, January 14th, 2023. Audition day part one!  Virtually over at

Truthfully, very nervous and I really hope I can complement the professionalism, hard work, and talents of those coming through to discuss the characters and the script. The people selected are extremely talented based on their reels and submitted pre-screens.

I have to do two days of this. Part two is next Saturday.

The goal is to square all of this away by the end of January and name the selected cast members the first week of February to ensure locking schedules. It’s important to be mindful of everyone’s time.

The first audition starts at 12. Turning off my phone and plan to give my undivided attention to such amazingly talented people.

Side note: Guess who already finished the script for the next short film to shoot in 2024? It’s about closing the deal with this film properly — in the can — then staying in the work. Do the next short. Keep pushing. Keep generating.

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